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Sven F. Crone has over 8 years of experience in forecasting. He is currently working as an Assistant Professor (Lecturer) at the department of Management Science at Lancaster University Management School, one of the top 3 institutions in the UK, and ranked highly in Europe (top 10) and in the world (32nd). He also serves as the deputy director of the Lancaster Centre for Forecasting (www.forecasting-centre.com), one of the largest research units in Europe dedicated to forecasting, headed by Robert Fildes and going back to Gwylim Jenkins of the well known Box-Jenkins-methodology.

Sven received his Dipl.-Kfm. (MBA and BBA equivalent) and PhD (in press) in forecasting with neural networks from Hamburg University, Germany, and was a visiting fellow at Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa, and George Mason University, USA. His research focuses on forecasting and data mining applications, frequently using methods from artificial intelligence. He has authored over 30 articles in international journals and conference proceedings and has given over 50 international presentations to academics and practitioners in the field. He frequently chairs conference tracks and sessions on forecasting, including the neural network forecasting track at the 2005 & 2006 at the International Symposium on Forecasting of the IIF - International Institute of Forecasters and he was the general chair of the 2006 International Conference on Data Mining, Las Vegas, USA.

In addition to his research agenda, Sven has a professional background in IT and management consultancy, where he has supervised various projects in forecasting and demand planning for corporate clients. Some of his recent projects at the Lancaster Centre for Forecasting include event and weather based forecasting with statistical methods for retailer TESCO UK, copper price forecasting with artificial intelligence for producer CODELCO Chile, forecasting advertisement ratings for TV company ITV UK, and implementing international demand planning methods, processes and systems in SAP APO-DP with FMCG producer Beiersdorf AG. Sven frequently provides tutorials for leading associations, e.g. since 2004 for the Institute of Business Forecaster (IBF) in the USA, for the 2005 IEEE summer school in Chile. He regularly provides numerous corporate training courses on forecasting in the UK, Europe, USA and South America. Selected 2005/2006 attendees of his courses include TESCO, Beiersdorf, Barclays, Nestlé, Scottish Power, Capita-Dixons, and the UK Department of Work and Pensions. Additional information may be found on the websites www.forecasting-centre.com and www.neural-forecasting.com.

Contact details:

Sven F. Crone
Centre for Forecasting
Lancaster University Management School
Lancaster, LA1 4YX
United Kingdom

Tel +44.1524.5-92991
Fax +44.1524.844885

e-mail s.crone@lancaster.ac.uk
Web www.sven-crone.com and www.lums.lancs.ac./forecasting


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